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public Meteor(Game game, ref Texture2D theTexture) : base(game, ref theTexture) { Frames = new List<Rectangle>(); Rectangle frame = new Rectangle(); frame.X = 468; frame.Y = 0; frame.Width = 49; frame.Height = 44; Frames.Add(frame); frame.Y = 50; Frames.Add(frame); frame.Y = 98; frame.Height = 45; Frames.Add(frame); frame.Y = 146; frame.Height = 49; Frames.Add(frame); frame.Y = 200; frame.Height = 44; Frames.Add(frame); frame.Y = 250; Frames.Add(frame); frame.Y = 299; Frames.Add(frame); frame.Y = 350; frame.Height = 49; Frames.Add(frame); // Initialize the random number generator and put the meteor in your // start position random = new Random(GetHashCode()); PutinStartPosition(); } /// <summary> /// Initialize meteor position and velocity /// </summary>

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In this case, as in many others, the use of a classpath-relative resource ensures that the application will be easy to port to other environments and other platforms. The rest of the configuration details in Listing 8-15 are similar to those of the other HTML example in Listing 8-11, except for the specific Velocity macro file to be loaded and the DAO implementation class.

public void PutinStartPosition() { position.X = random.Next(Game.Window.ClientBounds.Width currentFrame.Width); position.Y = 0; YSpeed = 1 + random.Next(9); XSpeed = random.Next(3) - 1; } /// <summary> /// Update the meteor position /// </summary> public override void Update(GameTime gameTime) { // Check if the meteor is still visible if ((position.Y >= Game.Window.ClientBounds.Height) || (position.X >= Game.Window.ClientBounds.Width) || (position.X <= 0)) { PutinStartPosition(); } // Move meteor position.Y += Yspeed; position.X += Xspeed; base.Update(gameTime); } /// Vertical velocity /// </summary> public int YSpeed { get { return Yspeed; } set { Yspeed = value; frameDelay = 200 - (Yspeed * 5); } } /// <summary> /// Horizontal velocity /// </summary>

As Figure 8-3 shows, most e-mail clients treat inline content and attachments as quite distinct parts of the message. Indeed, it is possible for the body of the message to consist of plain text but still include separate attachments.

public int XSpeed { get { return Xspeed; } set { Xspeed = value; } } /// <summary> /// Meteor identifier /// </summary> public int Index { get { return index; } set { index = value; } } /// <summary> /// Check if the meteor intersects with the specified rectangle /// </summary> /// <param name="rect">test rectangle</param> /// <returns>true, if has a collision</returns> public bool CheckCollision(Rectangle rect) { Rectangle spriterect =new Rectangle((int) position.X, (int) position.Y, currentFrame.Width, currentFrame.Height); return spriterect.Intersects(rect); } } } This class is similar to the first version in the previous chapter, but the code that adds the animation frames is in the constructor. All the rest follows the same previous logic. The meteors will fall, but now with an animation where they appear to spin. Cool, isn t it You also added a property Index to get a unique identifier for each meteor in the game, to be able to get a specified meteor when needed (you ll use this feature in the next version of Rock Rain). Let s create one more GameComponent to centralize all the meteor treatment. This class will be responsible for drawing and updating all the game s meteors, as well as doing the collision test and adding new meteors as time goes by. The advantage of having an object to manage other objects is that the game design becomes simpler, and, at the same time, more efficient. For example, you don t need to pass through all the GameComponents to do a collision test, as in the version in the previous chapter. Now you pass through just the GameComponents that are under control of this manager, which controls only the meteors. This way, you gain a little performance benefit. Add a class called MeteorsManager and add the code in Listing 4-4.

Listing 4-4. The MeteorsManager GameComponent #region Using Statements using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; Microsoft.Xna.Framework; Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics; RockRainEnhanced.Core;

In this chapter, you have seen how a Spring application can create e-mail content on-the-fly, injecting the specific formatting (and, indeed, the specific formatting mechanism) into the bean responsible for sending messages. In the next chapter, you will see the provision for remoting mechanisms, allowing our application s service layer to be accessed by external systems without going through the web front end.

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